Seven Isles Market Analysis

seven isles fort lauderdale fl

Property value measured by Closed Sale Price, measured by Closed Sale Price/LOT Area, measured by Closed Sale Price/LIVing Area, and measured by Closed Sale Price/Waterfront declined trailing 12 months.  Closed Sales decreased: 44 properties closed trailing 24 months; 16 closed trailing 12, and; seven trailing six.  And yet, since the August 2011 LOW ($53.00/LOT), property value measured by Closed Sale Price/LOT inclined 25%.  

Trailing 24 months, properties with west-facing docks ranked highest by average price ($3.2M); properties with north-facing docks ($2.4M) ranked second; south-facing ranked third ($2.1M), and; east-facing ranked fourth ($1.8M).  Most sales were properties with north-facing docks (19); closed sales with south-facing docks were second (15); west-facing docks were third (7) and; east (3) was fourth.  

Measured by Closed Sale Price/LOT, 63% of properties with north-facing docks sold under-market average; 40% of properties with south-facing docks sold under-market average; 100% of east-facing docks sold under-market, and; 29% of west-facing docks sold under-market.

Currently, 31 properties are listed for sale: 16 are properties with north-facing docks; nine are properties with south-facing docks; two are east, and; four are west.   Measured by Closed Sale Price/LOT Trailing 24 Months, four north-facing dock properties are list-priced under-market average; one south-facing dock property is listed under-market; no east-facing or west-facing dock properties are list-priced under-market.

BEST UNDER MARKET LISTINGS: North-Facing—2307 Sea Island; South-Facing—2522 Castilla.