Watergarden Market Analysis

watergarden condos

After inclining 48 consecutive months, Closed Sales Price declined from trailing-24 months to trailing-12 months by 2.1% and to trailing-six months by 7.6%.  After inclining 60 consecutive months, Closed Sales Price/LIVing declined from trailing-12 months to trailing-six months by 2.6%.  

After inclining 48 consecutive months, annual rent declined trailing-24 to trailing-12 by 5.3%.  The Price/Rent Ratio has inclined 60 consecutive months and remains below Moody’s Long-Run Affordability.

The Post-Low Closed Sales Price/LIVing Trendline has inclined 17%..

TOP Closed Sale Price/LIVing Trailing-24: Moonglow 03 ($611,500/5 sales) and 10 ($567.250/8 sales); TOP Closed Sale Price:  Penthouse ($804,500/2 sales) and Riverside ($665,000/4 sales).   Two of eight Moonglow 10 sold undermarket, four under Long-Run.   East-view Stardust 02 (4 sales) and Stardust 11 (3 sales) were good value, with six of seven total Moonglows sales under Long-Run.

Inventory is five listings; four of five are priced undermarket and under Long-Run.